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As a parent you want the best for your child and at Hawkesbury Preschool you can give them a most excellent start. We provide a secure, happy, stimulating and caring environment that promotes learning and exploration.

We are registered with Ofsted to take up to 24 children between the ages of 2 and 5 years to provide Preschool education following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Our numbers allow our Playleaders to have time for individual children and ensure that the children are not overwhelmed.

We have three experienced playleaders and an excellent student to ensure excellent continuity of care and familiar, reassuring faces for the children. Each child is allocated a key person and we encourage parents to read their child’s development files, which are compiled using a secure online portal, and complement their Preschool work at home. Hawkesbury Preschool is a great place for your child to begin their learning journey.

Our setting is based in the village hall and we are lucky to have a large open space which can be transformed into many different play and learning environments depending on the theme of the Preschool activity.  There is an outside area filled with activities for the children to enjoy and to enable them the choice to use the outdoors in their play if they wish.   We have recently benefited from a grant from the Hawkesbury Parish News for a new playhouse adjacent to the hall. We also have a large outdoor playing field with a newly refurbished secure play area.  With such beautiful countryside nearby as well, we have a wealth of natural resources on our doorstep for the children to enjoy and learn from.

Over the years we have built up a vast number of resources for the children, and through community fundraising and grants these are constantly renewed and updated.

The Preschool is a charity and is run by a voluntary parent/carer committee. We rely heavily on the support and goodwill of all the parents/carers to help manage and fundraise, in order to keep the Preschool open.

Transition to School

We have close links with the local Primary school,  Hawkesbury CE VC The children have the opportunity to visit for performances, lunch and playdays, and we link in with the EYFS teachers.  This strong relationship supports the children make a smooth transition from Preschool to Primary school and gives them an opportunity to explore and understand some aspects of the school day. Preschool sessions tend to run in line with Hawkesbury School.

Parents comments

Whether you want to give your child that all important “head start”, spend time with younger siblings or just have a few hours to yourself, you can be assured that your child is safe, learning and most importantly – having fun!

What a superb preschool! Our son enjoyed his time at Hawkesbury preschool immensely. His transition to Primary school has been excellent as he already knows, not just the school, but his fellow classmates too.

It gives my child the chance to make friends prior to attending primary school. It also allows me to have some precious time to myself twice a week and teaches my child to separate from me


Thanks to the brilliant efforts of our amazing parents/carers and staff we raise a substantial amount for Hawkesbury Preschool through fun ways.

As a charity we are always looking for ways to raise much needed money for resources for our amazing Preschool.  We welcome donations from companies or individuals.  A donation does not have to be in the form of money, a company recently donated to us two Kindle fire HD’s with child-proof cases. These have been brilliant for the children and a resource we would never have been able to afford.

Typical Fundraisers:

Annual Christmas Raffle – We typically raise around £1,000, with a huge amount of interest thanks to the fabulous prizes donated by local businesses.  Thank you to everyone who supported us by selling and purchasing a tickets.

Ice Cream Fridays – Every summer term we sell ice creams in the park after the Primary school day.  This year we raised over £200 and gave the children all a great excuse for going to the park after school.  Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to sell the ice creams and to everyone who kindly brought their eager children to the park!

Scarecrow trail – a true community event, with around 30 scarecrows and a lovely tea party finale

Hawkesbury Calendar – local photographers have filled our beautiful calendar with their amazing photographs

A Typical Day

We are guided by The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which became law from September 2008 and was updated in 2017.

We plan fun and engaging activities for the children everyday, focusing on the children’s developmental needs, interests and our focus book. But we also maintain a degree of flexibility to allow for weather, outings, festivals or exciting occurrences that happen on the day.

A typical day goes something like this:

The children are welcomed to preschool through song, discovering how each child is feeling. We count how many children are attending before finding out about the pre-chosen child’s special item from home, during show and tell.

The children have the opportunity to develop their posture, strength and balance through simple breathing exercises and postures, before a quiet time to think of their intention for the day

Free Play
Children can choose from any of the available activities, such as, role-play, books, puzzles, craft and painting, play dough, construction toys, trains, cars, dressing up, water/sand. The activities are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Snack Time
We come together around the table for a buffet-style snack, which always includes a selection of fruit and/or vegetable, a carbohydrate, such as malt loaf, rice/corn cakes and a choice of milk or water. The children are encouraged to eat healthily and to enjoy the social aspect of eating.

Small Group Activity
The children enjoy a small group activity led by a Playleader, focusing on the children’s ‘next step learning’

More Freeplay

Story time
We plan the majority of our weekly activities around a focus book, which is read to the children on a daily basis, giving them the opportunity to become familiar with the book and join in, a precursor to reading.

Outdoor Play
We try to get some fresh air whatever the weather, and there is a large recreation ground on Preschool’s doorstep. We might take trikes, ride-on cars and scooters outdoors, use our new playhouse, head out for a minibeast hunt, or simply play in the playground.

Song Time
Our final activity before lunch is sitting together to sing familiar songs or learn new ones, often using musical instruments to create music.

Each child brings a packed lunch to Preschool, and we all sit together around the table to enjoy our meal. Parents are encouraged to provide their child with a healthy and nutritious lunchbox.

Preschool In The Community

Hawkesbury Show – held on the last weekend of August – is the biggest event in the village calendar. We enjoy taking an active part in the Show, children exhibit their artwork and we encourage the children – and their grown-ups –  to decorate and get dressed up for our float in the Show carnival.

We have previously won carnival float classes!

At Christmas we invite children and teachers from our local primary school – as well as Preschool parents and friends – to watch our nativity production.

In addition to these special events, we play an active part in the local community.

We share our news with the local residents each month through the parish magazine.  Our Christmas lunch, Nativity, graduation ceremony and annual outing to Wild Place are always very well attended by the children’s family members.

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